Firearms Permits

North Carolina state law tasks the Sheriff of every county to facilitate the issuing of Concealed Handgun Permits and well as pistol purchase permits.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office uses Permitium to facilitate that process. Click on the buttons to the right to start your permit application

The Sheriff’s Office has dedicated staff members that are assigned to processing concealed carry permits, purchase permits, and conducting fingerprinting for new concealed permits.

Concealed Handgun Permit
Pistol Purchase Permit


The Sheriff’s Office also provides fingerprinting services for:

  • Foster care/adoption
  • insurance license
  • childcare employees
  • school employees
  • nursing students
  • and other various forms of employment that require fingerprinting

Fingerprinting is done on scheduled baises and can be scheduled using the button to gold button.

Schedule a Fingerprint Appointment

Do not schedule a fingerprint appointment if you are applying for a concealed carry permit.

Fingerprinting costs $15 for two (2) fingerprint cards (plus an online convenience fee)