The Sheriff’s Office also provides fingerprinting services for:

  • Foster care/adoption
  • Insurance license
  • Childcare employees
  • School employees
  • Nursing students
  • and other various forms of employment that require fingerprinting

Fingerprinting is done on a scheduled basis and can be scheduled using the gold button.

Where do I go to be fingerprinted for employment requirements?

The Sheriff’s Office now provides non-criminal fingerprinting for employment and concealed pistol permits in our office from 8 am until 4 pm Monday through Friday.

What are the requirements for fingerprinting?

To be fingerprinted you must produce a valid driver’s license with your correct physical address where you are currently residing. You must be a Johnston County resident to be fingerprinted. If you are being fingerprinted for employment purposes, you must bring the required paperwork issued by the business that is requiring fingerprinting.

Is there a cost for fingerprinting?

Yes. The fee for fingerprinting is $15.00 plus an online convenience fee.

Do not schedule a fingerprint appointment if you are applying for a concealed carry permit.

  • Must be a Johnston County resident
  • Address must be correct on NC ID

Fingerprinting costs $15 for two (2) fingerprint cards (plus an online convenience fee)